Meath SHC: Kiltale 5-13, Rathmolyon 2-8

July 4, 2010

Kiltale got their Senior Championship ambitions back on track with a win against a strong Rathmolyon team in testing and breezy conditions in Boardsmill. Kiltale took the game to Rathmolyon in the first half, scoring 1-6 against the strong breeze. Kiltale had to work hard, though; three excellent first half points from Ian Douglas who played his best game of the year ensured kiltale were able to keep with Rathmolyon until they got to half time. In the second half Kiltale showed what they really were made of, and played exactly the way everyone knows they can, leaving Rathmolyon in their wake. Man of the Match accolades went to Douglas, though one could hardly pick a single performer from an outstanding Kiltale 15.

Final Score: Kiltale 5-13, Rathmolyon 2-8

Team – 1. Ollie Regan; 2. David Donoghue, 3. Padraig Donoghue, 4. Stephen White; 5. T.J Lynch, 6. John Donoghue, 7. Willie Mahaddy; 8. Damien Dixon, 9. David Kane; 10. Ian Douglas, 11. Stephen Donoghue, 12. Benny Dixon; 13. Peter Durnin, 14. Cathal Sheridan, 15. James Kelly.

Sub:  Padraig Kelly for David Kane

Peter Durnin 2-3, Cathal Sheridan 2-1, James Kelly 1-2, Ian Douglas 0-3, Stephen Donoghue 0-2, Damien Dixon 0-1, Padraig Kelly 0-1.