Camogie Club: Trash ‘n Treasure

March 27, 2014

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Kiltale Camogie Club survives through the generosity of the community, sponsors and its members. Fundraising is essential to the life of the club as it allows us to provide gear, equipment, and pay for all the other types of general overheads.

In light of this Kiltale Camogie Club are organising a trash n’ treasure event which will take place at the clubhouse on 12th April.

Good quality, clean clothes, jewellery, bags and shoes can be dropped off at the clubhouse the week before the event. Dates will be announced. The items will be put on display and the prices will be negotiated over between the buyer and seller (sellers will be club members). However in general they will be only a few euros, great deals all round!

This is a fantastic opportunity to donate items that you don’t want and to find some great bargains – all the while helping the club hugely!

This style exploit will take place from 2 until 6. High Tea will be served throughout the day for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Come along, you never know what treasures you might find!