County Board notice: Referee rules

January 16, 2018

The following is a note from the Meath GAA county secretary…

Clubs are hereby put on notice that CCC an Mhí will implement Regulations 66, 76 and 86 2017 from 05 February 2018. Regulations 66 (A League), 76 (B League) and 86 (Hurling League) refer to the requirement for clubs to have certified referees in place. Failure to have a certified referee in place has the consequence of having to play all league games away from home.
This Regulation has been in place for a number of years but not enforced by CCC an Mhí until the latter end of the leagues in 2017. This was due to the chronic shortage of certified referees in the County, resulting in a small number of games being postponed due to the unavailability of referees.

The 05 February 2018 has been chosen to allow clubs nominate new referees and to allow them attend the three session new referees training course currently being organised by Frank Gallogly – Referees Co-Ordinator. Clubs are urged to contact Frank directly in relation to the course and all aspects of new referees. It is intended that the new referees training course will be completed by the end of January 2018.

Once CCC an Mhí implement this existing Regulation they will have no latitude to deviate from the measure imposed so all affected clubs are encouraged to provide suitable people as new referees.

Please also note that if a person becomes a certified referee but then fails to officiate at games as allocated, that person may be deemed ‘inactive’ by the Referees Co-Ordinator. Clubs with Inactive Certified Referees are deemed not to have a Certified Referee and will therefore lose home advantage under regulations 66, 76 and 86.

Note: Frank Gallogly can be contacted at 086-8686729.