#Walk&Talk: A Bird’s Eye View

May 9, 2018

‘What weather! The man above gave it the seal of approval. Wasn’t the atmosphere just lovely? Can we do this every year’ … just some of the many comments passed this weekend.

A young person, a middle of the night walker, was overheard saying it was too cold to be using the mobile phone so the group talked for the hour and ‘shure wasn’t that the idea? To walk and talk?’ Another person was so chuffed and delighted to rekindle a friendship that had been lost for no reason over the years. Some walked quietly, challenging themselves, some others ran and laughed loudly enjoying the warm and welcoming joviality of family, friends and community. Young, old, big, small, boys, girls, men and women from our small but very vibrant and proud welcoming community of families walked and talked together keeping in mind how they were supporting not only the club but more importantly the community and wider communities affected by suicide.

Kiltale Hurling Club facilitated this event and aim to work with the GAA healthy club initiative in mind, to run a healthy club both physically and emotionally. Perhaps the ‘talk’ part of the event was the most important message of the weekend. Walk & Talk 2018 sent out all the right messages.

Well done to each and every leader, walker, sponsor, contributor and friends of Kiltale Hurling Club. Without you there would be less reason to walk or talk.

 Roll on 2019?